Losing the routine without losing your marbles

My sweet little cherub in her first week of life - sigh...

My sweet little cherub in her first week of life – sigh…

As my 15 month old daughter transitions from two naps to one, I find myself struggling to abandon the daily routine that has maintained my sanity for the past five months.

There was comfort in knowing that a well deserved break was not far away – a cup of tea, an episode of Sex and the City, a load of washing, a moment of peace and quiet, a shower!

Mornings, once short, quiet and predictable, are now long, loud and haphazard. So, despite my reluctance, the routine must change.

But how do I let go without losing my marbles?

Here’s my action plan:

1. Begin each day with purpose. This could be as simple as picking up something from the supermarket or as special as a trip to the zoo. The point is to have something to do each day.

2. Have regular weekly activities. Kindergym, swimming lessons, playdates and other set activities will break the monotony and make the week go faster.

3. Have something to look forward to. It doesn’t have to be extravagant. A cupcake or trashy magazine for nap time, a drop in from a friend, a haircut or eyelash tint on the weekend.

4. Take time off. Ask hubby to play ‘mum’ for half an hour in the evenings or enlist a willing relative to babysit for a couple of hours once every week or two.

Wish me luck.

What’s your action plan?


3 thoughts on “Losing the routine without losing your marbles

  1. Those are great ideas! 😀
    Going from two naps to one is a challenge, I know! Samuel (20 months) generally goes does for his nap 5-6 hours after waking for the day, so usually somewhere between 1-2pm. Sleeps for 2 hours and then goes down for bed around 8:30. 🙂

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