The countdown begins

Today I am officially thirty weeks pregnant – let the countdown begin.

Ten thoughts for the ten weeks I have left…

1. I can’t believe how fast pregnancy flies by when you have a very busy toddler to entertain.

2. I’m absolutely exhausted but due to co-sleeping with my 18 month old, killer acid reflux and aching hips, the deep unbroken sleep that I really need at the moment continues to elude me.

3. This pregnancy has been so much easier on my body than my first. I’ve had more energy, put on less weight and have less aches and pains than last time.

4. I feel more confident about parenting a newborn, particularly with regard to breastfeeding. Establishing breastfeeding with Little Chop was really difficult, physically and emotionally – it was extremely painful, she lost too much weight, I became disheartened and unsure of my ability to provide enough milk for her, but I was determined and we successfully breastfed for 16 months. This time I don’t expect it to be easy, but I am sure of my ability.

5. Am I physically and emotionally capable of parenting two children under two? To be honest, I don’t know. I hope so. I know that it will be really hard, I will be sleep deprived, I will feel stretched thin, I won’t have time to myself. But maybe it will be easier because I know these things. I am also very lucky to have family support nearby.

6. I’m so excited to have a newborn in the house again. It will be a different experience to bringing Little Chop home because I had all the time in the world to hold her while she slept and take millions of photos.

7. I can’t wait to introduce Little Chop to her baby sister. She adores babies, and while I’m sure she will be a bit jealous that mummy’s attention has been diverted, she will also be very interested in our new arrival.

8. This is probably the last time I will be pregnant, unless the universe sends us a surprise. We only plan to have two babies, so looks like we’re just about done.

9. I feel guilty about how little time I’ve devoted to concentrating on and documenting this pregnancy. When I was pregnant with Little Chop, I noticed every movement, I read up on her development weekly, I took pictures of my growing belly and videos of kicks and tumbles. This time around, I simply don’t have the time. I also worry that I won’t take as many photos of this baby as I did of Little Chop as a newborn because I won’t have as much time.

10. I plan to do a couple of things differently with this baby. I was always quick to settle Little Chop when she woke up during the night – I will give this baby more opportunities to self-settle. I will vaccinate at eight weeks instead of six because Little Chop had a week long vomiting reaction to her first set of vaccinations, and I don’t want to go through that again. I won’t be using Farex, as I found it to be really constipating for Little Chop so this time we’ll only be offering non-starchy fruit and vegetable purees as first food.

Anyone else expecting their second?


11 thoughts on “The countdown begins

  1. As someone else who had 2 babies close together, I can tell you that you probably wont take as many photo of #2 that you did of #1, but you’ll make up for it with the wealth of knowledge that you didn’t know first time around! Little Chop probably wont be that jealous as she will be much littler than the usual 2.5-3yr old toddler prone to temper tantrums. I found my daughter didn’t get jealous at all, but she wasn’t really old enough to help with the baby as some older kids can. Good luck for the last 10 weeks…they’ll probably drag!!

      • Oh oh!! Well hopefully the excitement of a newborn will save you! My two are 18months apart. We didn’t plan for them to be so close, but it worked out so well. They are great friends and seem to go through stages within a similar time frame. Ales is learning so much from his “just a little bit” older sister! Friends with a large gap between kids (3-4yrs) have said their gap was great too, so I guess any gap is good!!

      • Our two will have a similar age gap. I’m sure the teen years will throw us some challenges with two girls but I hope they will be close as I am with my sister. We actually have an 8 year gap!

  2. Very exciting, gosh the last 10 weeks are going to fly past! Is the nursery all set to go? How is getting lil chop into her bed/cott going? I just survived (yes so dramatic!) Kobe going from his cott to a toddler bed (which is just his cott with no side). Hardest thing ever!!! Does any of your local councils hold free tantrum training courses? I just signed up for a 3 day morning course which starts next month, Kobe’s tantrums have lessened (he still does them willy nilly) but I just want to learn some more ‘tantrum coping’ skills:)

    • It’s very exciting. I don’t feel that organised at this point. Haven’t bought nappies yet or got the newborn clothes out of storage. LC is still sleeping with me after a failed attempt to transition her when we moved house. I haven’t looked into the council courses but the maternal & child health service probably provides them. I tend to ignore or distract depending on the situation but they can be pretty draining if you have a run of them. Any probs with Kobe falling out? I think LC might sleep in a single bed but I worry she’ll fall out!

      • Yes Kobe is a lil wriggler!!! His cot converted to a toddler bed so it was way lower than a normal bed. But we have one of those kiddies inflatable sleeping bags which sits on the floor of his bed. He usually always ends up on that. On the tantrum angle, I started skimming thru a book called “toddler tactics” by Pinky McKay. It has some interesting points inthere but definately stick to your own instincts first:)

  3. I can completely relate to all of these from before my son was born. Particularly, #5 is so true…the newborn days will not be nearly as challenging, other than having 2 kids, you are not completely shocked by all of the change a newborn brings like we are with the first. And #9, I felt the exact same way.
    Good luck on your labor and delivery!

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