About Little Chop













Little Chop was born in February 2012, during the hot Melbourne summer, with a mass of black hair and weighing almost 4kg.

She entered the world blue with the cord wrapped tightly around her neck, a memory that makes my heart palpitate, but recovered quickly and went on to thrive. She gained the nickname Little Chop because she wasn’t little at all but rather a pudgy little piglet with full cheeks and chins for days.

Today Little Chop is an extremely tall, happy and bright toddler with golden ringlets and a love of keys. She tells me stories, makes me laugh, drives me crazy and is the love of my life (sorry Daddy Bear).


2 thoughts on “About Little Chop

  1. Your darling is beautiful! I have three children. I can remember when they were little like “LIttle Chop.” My youngest graduated from high school June 1st, and I’ve learned that the saying about time going by too fast is very true. Pamela

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