The new routine and project walk

I mentioned in an earlier post that my 15 month old daughter, Little Chop, had dropped her afternoon nap, making the mornings long and the days even longer. To smooth the transition and bring some order into the chaos, we started the new week with a new morning routine.

Wake, breakfast, shower, walk, nap.

Lucky for me, the new routine perfectly complements my current agenda – Project Walk!

At four months pregnant, it’s time for me to begin a gentle, but regular, exercise routine. I love my food and am prone to being a bit of a couch potato, which saw me gain about 22kg during my last pregnancy – gulp. I was Australia’s equivalent to Jessica Simpson!

Me, 35 wks pregnant, with hubby on Christmas day drinking a mocktail!

Me, 35 wks pregnant, with hubby on Christmas day drinking a mocktail!

Ok, not quite, but I did gain a lot of weight and was at risk of developing gestational diabetes – not good for mum or baby. Although I managed to lose all the baby weight, mainly thanks to breastfeeding, I don’t want to put that much strain on my body again.

So, I’ve decided to walk in the morning as often as Melbourne’s temperamental weather will allow – if its not raining, I’m walking!

Little Chop is responding well to the new routine too. The walk tires her out and by the time we’re home she’s asleep in the pram. I park the pram in a dark room and head to the kitchen for a cup of tea, a clack on the computer and a bit of a clean up.

So far so good!